OCD Treatment

Empirically Supported Strategies to Manage OCD

Research shows that it takes around 17 years from the time that symptoms appear to receiving proper treatment for obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). The gold standard treatment for OCD is Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP).

Treating a range of OCD presentations at the Anxiety & OCD Treatment Center

The Anxiety & OCD Treatment Center offers effective therapy to address the several variants of OCD manifestations and co-occurring problems. A range of OCD presentations are treated, such as harm OCD, relationship OCD, existential OCD, and "pure-obsessional" ("pure-O") OCD, in which compulsions are actually present but may go undetected because they are occurring in the mind. We treat peripartum and postpartum onset symptoms as well.

We have particular expertise in treating scrupulosity or religious OCD and other variations of OCD (e.g., aggressive and/or sexual obsessions) that frequently co-occur with shame and spiritual struggle in Christians. To learn more, read this blog published by the Anxiety & Depression Association of America (ADAA), titled, "Hope for Christians with OCD."

A personalized OCD treatment plan

With the proper treatment, OCD can be well-managed. This is accomplished by a carefully crafted treatment plan to meet the challenges of each individual. After a thorough assessment of your symptoms, triggers, and compulsions, we collaborate closely to develop an exposure list informed by your values and important life goals. Treatment is centered on Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP), or a gradual approach towards fears and refraining from engaging in compulsions.

Accessible from the convenience of home, an online OCD treatment format provides flexibility without compromising the effectiveness of research-based interventions. In fact, there are unique benefits of doing ERP in your home setting, or by "meeting" somewhere public to do exposures through video, such that we can more directly target fears than we would have been able to in an office setting. Where an individual's circumstance may indicate that the telehealth format is not appropriate, we provide recommendations for alternatives for an in-person format.

Specialized OCD treatment

We offer specialized treatment catered to your individual needs. Whatever your particular problem may be, we professionally employ scientifically supported strategies throughout treatment to foster lasting change.

Individuals may be interested in accelerating progress through the intensive treatment option, which provides an environment for more concentrated, rapid improvement. Sessions can be scheduled at up to a 5-day intensive treatment frequency for one to three sessions back-to-back, for a finite period of time. Learn more about the accelerated treatment option here.

OCD treatment excellence in Florida

Set against the backdrop of Florida's tranquil landscape, the Anxiety & OCD Treatment Center strives towards excellence. Whether you are seeking specialized care for a loved one or needing support for your OCD, we are dedicated to walking you through your unique treatment needs. We help you achieve your goals with compassion, expertise, and a commitment to your well-being.