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Christian Psychology Services

For clients who seek religiously integrated treatment, we offer a comprehensive approach to mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being with our Christian psychology services. Dr. Stebbins is a dedicated and experienced Christian psychologist who combines the principles of psychological science with your understanding of Christian teachings and your faith background to provide holistic treatment for a truly integrative approach.

Integrated with Science

We value and prioritize the implementation of scientifically supported treatments, making our therapy services unique.


For a truly comprehensive approach to your well-being, we attend to all aspects of you - the biological, psychological, relational, and spiritual.

Cultural Humility

We do our best to work from within your understanding of your faith background, resulting in a more trusting therapeutic relationship.

Expert guidance with an attunement to faith

Dr. Stebbins brings a depth of knowledge and experience to her practice, offering expert guidance that aligns with your faith values. Her approach acknowledges the intricate connection between the mind, body, and spirit, helping you to integrate the benefits of research-supported psychological treatment with your Christian beliefs for a comprehensive, biopsychosocial-spiritual understanding you as a whole human being. This includes attending to your biological, psychological, relational, and spiritual health. Dr. Stebbins is attuned to this hidden area of cultural diversity and acknowledges the relationship that religion/spirituality can have on your symptoms, whether positive or negative. Discussing spiritual matters is safe here.

Integrating psychology with Christianity:
Professional and competent care

Dr. Stebbins is a qualified clinical psychologist who strives towards professionalism and competence when integrating psychology with Christianity in your treatment. She ascribes to a cultural humility framework, which means that she works from within your understanding of your faith background and does not impose her religious views or beliefs on you. She maintains a respectful attitude towards your theological beliefs and viewpoints, and often works with your pastor or other religious figure so that you can receive guidance you trust.

Clients from other religious backgrounds may choose to work with Dr. Stebbins due to her appreciation for the role spirituality can have in one's life. However, she sees all clients, including those with no spiritual background.

Move towards flourishing with Christian psychology

Take the first step towards healing and wholeness with a trusted Christian psychologist. Utilizing psychological treatments while drawing upon the wellspring of resources provided in the Bible offers the ultimate environment for growth and transformation. We understand the importance of addressing mental health concerns from a holistic perspective, honoring both your psychological and spiritual well-being. Your journey to emotional and spiritual wellness starts here.

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